Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Gallbladder Surgery

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

How is the cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal surgery) done?

It is done under general anesthesia, by 3 or 4 orifices opened to the abdominal wall using laparoscopic tools. The gallbladder channel and the vessels are cut by being attached to special tools called clips. The gallbladder is put into a plastic bag and taken out of the abdomen. The orifices are closed by being stitched.

What are the complications of the gallbladder removal surgery?

Some complications can be seen due to the general anesthesia. During the operation, there can be the organ injury, the main bile duct injury and
bleeding. If the gall stone falls into the main bile duct, it can cause cholangitis or pancreatitis after the operation. It can be seen the postoperative bile leakage. The stenosis or cholangitis can occur in the main bile duct. Intraabdominal abscess can develop..

What kind of damages to the body can present after the gallbladder is taken out?

The gallbladder is an important organ which has substantial functions for all body systems initially for the digestive system. It functions in interaction with
the all the organs and systems in our body. Any disorder or deficieny in the other systems affects the gallbladder, the absence of the gallbladder affects the
other organs and systems. The % 30-40 of the patients whose gallbladder was taken out, have digestive problems going on due to no concentration of the
bile and continiously flowing to the intestines. Especially a deficiency in the digestion of fats develop and oily defecation occurs. Besides the deficiency of
vitamins A,D,E,K can be seen. Fluid and continiously flowing of bile forms reflux to the stomach and develops alkaline reflux gastritis by causing damage to the
stomach cells. This situation shows indication as indigestion,swelling especially after fatty foods. The number and variety of microbial floras in our instentines
is damaged due to the lack of gallbladder. The damage of the flora can cause obesity that we called metabolic sendrom, hipercholesterolemia and insulin

What kind of a diet should the patients have after the gallbladder removing surgery?

Getting sick of the gallbladder is a reflection of a deficiency of the other systems, mainly of the digestive system. That’s why we cannot say that the
patient whose gallbladder was taken out can heal. The factors giving harm especially to the digestive system and the other systems must be eliminated.
The patient should avoid eating foods which he/she has intolerance. Harmfull foods cause insulin resistance and chronical inflammation as they do in the
gallbladder and in the all body. This foods are generally gluten, milk, sugar and harmful trans fatty acids. It must absolutely be avoided from this kind of foods.
The patients having their gall bladder taken out must not avoid consuming the healthy oil (butter, olive oil, coconut oil, falw seed oil) even though they may
experience disorders in the fat digestion. The patients should eat more often and in less portions. They can eat egg.

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